Urinary Incontinence Clinical Trials

Current OAB/Incontinence Trials

AccuMed Research Associates is a clinical trial center located in Garden City, NY. AccuMed has conducted more than 150 clinical trials and is now recruiting patients for two new research studies. The first study listed below is for a phase II clinical research study for overactive bladder with urinary urgency incontinence that have failed conventional medications and therapy for this condition either because it did not resolve their symptoms enough or they can not tolerate the side effects of the medicines used to treat this condition. The second research study listed below is for those suffering from nocturia. Nocturia is the frequent need to go to the bathroom to urinate at night. In older adults, nocturia is a common cause of sleep loss.Clinical Trial #1 – Patients that have the condition of overactive bladder with urinary urgency incontinence have common symptoms that may include:

  • frequent urination
  • urinary urgency
  • inability to postpone urination due to the resultant urinary leakage

AccuMed is investigating a new investigational locally-applied medication which may decrease or resolve some of the symptoms of overactive bladder.

Clinical Trial #2 – Accumed is seeking volunteers, men and women ages 18 and older, for participation in a research study evaluating the safety and effectiveness of an investigational treatment for nocturia. The study medication for the CoMFORT study is a fast dissolving formulation of an investigational medication for nocturia. If you or your loved one qualifies and agrees to participate, all study-related care including doctor visits, physical exams, laboratory tests, and study treatment will be provided. Compensation for time and travel may also be provided. Volunteers must:

  • be female, age 18 or older
  • at night, average 2 or more trips to the bathroom to urinate
  • not take diuretics or water pills

Qualified participants for the trials above may receive study medication and study related care at no cost as well as may be compensated for their time. This care will include an evaluation by a board certified urologist, study related lab work, ECG, ultrasound of kidney and bladder and urine testing. If you would like more information on this clinical trial to see if you qualify, or to schedule an appointment, we would be pleased to discuss this with you.

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